Friday, October 28, 2005

Fragrance / Perfume Samples

$50 Fisher-price GC

Fisher-PriceĀ® is considering starting a Fisher-Price Grandparent
Club to honor grandparents and the important role they play in
children's lives. Members of the club would receive the following:

1. A welcome kit with discount coupons and a guide on how parenting
has changed since you were the parent of young children

2. An issue of "Loving Your Grandbaby" magazine

3. A monthly email newsletter from Fisher-Price's child development
experts that would include:

- Developmental milestones for your grandchild's age
- Age appropriate activities to stimulate your grandchild's
- Age appropriate toy recommendations

4. A website with advice for grandparents

5. Free e-cards with cartoons and games that you can send to your

6. A gift for your grandchild each quarter - A Fisher-Price toy
would be mailed to your grandchild each quarter with a greeting from
you. You would select the toys from a list of toys designed to
match your grandchild's age and gender. You could add extra
grandchildren to your gift list for a nominal fee.

*** Earn A $50 Fisher-Price Gift Certificate ***


Thursday, October 27, 2005

T-Shirt from Alaska Seafood Exchange

Visit Alaska Seafood Exchange and complete short survey and get a free T-Shirt and maganet. Shirt is pictured on site. Very high quality and you get to select your size.


Goods from Dove



PrintMaster Express is a free downloadable print creativity application that lets you add personality and flair to any occasion! It is modeled after the award-winning PrintMaster brand of software that has been recognized by Family PC Magazine as being "Top-Rated" and "Family Tested and Recommended."

With PrintMaster Express you can easily create Greeting Cards, Note Cards, Banners, Calendars, Photo Projects and so much more. Other features include an address book complete with event reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, plus mail merge capabilities that let you send personalized letters, invitations, and newsletters.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Paper Airplane Kit

EASY: Motorcycle, Van, Herbie Love Bug & More:

MORE DIFFICULLT: Model of F15 Eagle (Plane)

Models of buildings, like the White House, Wrigley Field, Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Halloween models, including bust of Frankenstein

YOUDRAW - Draw your own drawing online and send it as an Ecard!

The E-mail pad lets you send a personal drawing (as a gif attachment) to any email address you want.

Just create your own masterpiece, add a message, the e-mail address(es) you want to send your drawing to, your name and a subject... then press the send button...

YOUDRAW Drawpad and e-card

T-shirt from zemaira


Monday, October 24, 2005

iTunes codes

iTunes Music Store Downloads Redeemable for 3 Randomly Selected Songs from Louis XIV, Cold, Big City Rock And The Exies. Please comment after use (to delete used ones from the list).